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Protecting the privacy of all our users is of the utmost importance to us and that is why we protect the privacy of every person who enters the web site.

By entering the web site and making a profile, you agree to all the terms and conditions down written. If you do not agree to the rules, we ask you not to make a profile on our web site. Our rules are absolute and our users are expected to follow them. reserves the right to terminate the accounts of users who do not use the site in accordance with our Terms of use and Privacy policy.

The use or viewing of by minors is strictly forbidden.

PROTECTION AND DISCLOSURE OF YOUR INFORMATION respects all legal guidelines of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union so all the collected information can at any time, at the request of competent authorities, be given over to protect our rights and the rights of our users.

Collected personal information can be given over to competent authorities requesting them through official channels pertaining to a legal procedure, and as well in any legal proceedings that is involved in, in any way.

Demands by a competent authority or a third party pertaining to respecting others’ legal rights and interests, as well as the intellectual property, will be enabled by us, for the purpose of establishing the facts that isn’t responsible for these action, but that the responsible party is the user who made us available to a third party.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information if required to do so by the competent authorities, if we believe that communication is necessary to protect our rights, the rights of the offended party or comply with any obligations relating to judicial proceedings in which is involved our site.

CHANGES TO PRIVACY POLICY reserves the right to change this Privacy policy at any time and without notice, so be sure to check this Privacy policy regularly.


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A web page deposits a cookie in your browser. Cookies are textual databases copied onto the user’s device that then monitor the user’s visit, the frequency of the visits, and what the user is interested in during their visit. A cookie contains basic information on the user’s visit to the webpage ex. the name of the visited website. The content of a cookie is then saved on the user’s device in a special folder. Double clicking on the folder, you can see the more detailed information on the visited website, date, and time of the visit. All of these information are also available to the Administrator of the website the user visited.

The user can delete cookies with certain data, as well as turn off the use of cookies or use them according to the terms and conditions but, the user won’t be able to use the site to its full extent after this action. Essentially, browsers are made so they collect cookies but forbid setting up cookies not from the website in the address bar.

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The cookies allowed and necessary for the full functionality of them page. They include the cookies which allow uninterrupted browsing of the page even if you visit a different page while browsing. They help keep your Login and Sign Out go uninterrupted and smoothly and also heighten the security of the page and are, therefore in accordance to the rules and regulations.

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These cookies enable better functionality of our webpage. They allow our website to remember your preferences. Also, they help us speed up the loading of the site and your search and help us remember the places you visit most frequently.


We guarantee absolute privacy and protection of personal information to all users, also pertaining to any photo and video content posted in regard to a third party that would eventually find the content of interest, all with the intent of legally protecting the information.

The users violating any part of these terms of use, or the ones performing illegal and legally punishable acts, are not protected by our data security. If in such situation, we will forward the information on the user to competent authority at their request and in case we spot any of those actions during our regular checks, we will send the information to police: especially when the issue is about even a hint or an insinuation of molesting and using children, distribution of child pornography, human trafficking, and other violence. That type of behaviour is strictly forbidden and we strongly separate ourselves from it and therefore will use all information available to us to make sure the perpetrators are legally punished. is based on the enthusiasm, idea, and driving force of the founders in hope of giving our users the best possible platform and way to find willing, pleasant, sexual, erotic, friendly, love, and human relationships, and making the connection between lovers of the erotic contact. It is our mission to do everything in our power to help our users make their fantasies and wishes come true, by organising fun stuff, but any abuse of our portal will not be allowed and will be strictly sanctioned.

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